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This is a FREE 3-day event which will be live 18th-20th October 2023.

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Yes, you read that right…

3-6 of you who sign up, will be randomly drawn, and gets a website and/or offer audit “on the house”.

I’ll be conducting an audit of real websites and real offers, on the screen, for everyone to watch.

This way, all of you who sign up for this event, get the chance to learn small tweaks that can be implemented straight away, to improve the viewability for your potential customers.

I’m Cecilie, the one that’s going to perform the audits

I help you turn your dream of an online business into reality, using my unique 3CC implementation system.

I’m a mom to 3 children, each with a diagnosis, I’m suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD myself, and I’ve used these health issues as a springboard to success, instead of letting them push me down. 

I’ve been self-employed, running different online businesses since 2009, and all of my learnings have created a path, where I now make a sustainable living from the comfort of my home. 

The unique 3CC implementation system is a result of these learnings, making the path from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur, become simple actionable steps, instead of an overload of overwhelm and burnout mentally and physically as a result.

Cecilie Aslaksen
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