Me & The Rippling Wings

Hi, I’m Cecilie, and I’m the face and person behind The Rippling Wings. For some reason I’ve always been fascinated with Butterflies. Those tiny, weightless flying creatures, with multiple colors and intricate patterns. They’ve always spoken to my soul.

butterfly ripple wings

The Story Behind The Rippling Wings


When I – as an adult – learned about the Butterfly effect – where the idea is that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system – it just kind of clicked between me and the Butterfly.

But I didn’t want to limit the business name to just a Butterfly, the rippling effect is present no matter the weight of the animal. Or from small stones thrown into water when we were kids.

So I decided on The Rippling Wings. It’s been a work in progress, as you can see from below, but 2023 is the year when people will learn how small steps in your business, will have big impacts in the years to come.

My life and business so far (as you can see from my age, I’m about halfway through this life, and I intend to only spend the rest of my lifetime on things that matter to me and my family):

timeline #1
timeline #2
timeline #1

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