What if there was a way

to build a sustainable online business,

despite any health issues or caring responsibilities

– and also avoid overwhelm and burnout?

A way to build an online business where you’re not only making enough sales every day to put food on the table and pay your bills. One where you can avoid the time bind struggles, the commute, and the stress that comes with early mornings.

A way to build an online business, where you use the minimum amount of tools and software possible, but still automate things like emails, affiliate payments, delivery of digital products and marketing.

Luckily for you – there is such a way!


My name is Cecilie, and I help you turn your dream of an online business into reality, using my unique 3CC implementation system.

With more than 14 years of online business-building and -growth under my belt, I’m making the path from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur become simple actionable steps, instead of an overload of overwhelm and burnout mentally and physically as a result. Despite any health issues or caring responsibilities you might face.

I’ve built my business while raising 2 boys on the spectrum, 1 girl with mild CP, and battling anxiety, depression and PTSD myself. Instead of letting these hurdles weigh me down, I’ve used them as a springboard to build and grow my business.

Headshot Cecilie

If you could choose whatever you want in life:

What would you do, be and have?

Put aside any thoughts about how much money it might cost to get started, and don’t stress about being busy with family stuff. Also, don’t get caught up in weighing the pros and cons of turning your passion into a job that puts food on the table. 

Right now, let your mind flood with big dreams. Imagine all the things you’d want if there were no limits. If you can visualize it in your mind, believe that you have the ability to turn that mental picture into reality. 

Once you’ve got a clear image of your dreams, it’s time to take steps to make them come true. 

Think of your actions as ripples in a pond – they don’t just stop where they begin; they spread out and affect more than you might realize. This is your moment to shine, to bring your vision to life, and to make a positive impact that goes beyond just your own life. 

Embrace this opportunity, let your imagination run wild, and start turning your ideas into something extraordinary.

1 year from now you’ll be a year older…

Picture this: a year from now, you’ll be celebrating another birthday, and along with the cake and candles, you’ll have gained a little more life experience. Hopefully, you’ll also have picked up some valuable lessons along the way, making you a bit wiser.

Now, let’s rewind a few seconds to that dream you were thinking about. Close your eyes and imagine where you want to be with that dream in a year. Are you ready to take the first step today to make that dream a reality, or are you planning to stick with your current routine?

No matter what you choose, it’s like tossing a pebble into a pond – you’ll create ripples. But if you keep doing things the way you always have, those ripples might not lead to any big changes because there won’t be much happening to cause them

So, here’s the deal – your choices today are the brushstrokes that paint the picture of where you’ll be a year from now. Embrace the opportunity for change, take those steps toward your dreams, and watch as your actions create ripples that shape the landscape of your life.

It’s all in your hands!

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