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Distinct Micro Membership™ ($7)

Your 1-Stop-Vault for business training, checklists, templates, and more that you can consume in 15 minutes or less.

No matter where you are in your online business journey – the 3CC blueprint allows you to customize your learning experience, based on your needs.

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Commercial License Hub (No AI)

Commercial License or Private Label Rights are really popular these days – despite what you can create with AI. Or even more, because CL or PLR that’s not created by the use of AI, is at its very core original, not copyrighted and you won’t face a potential law suit in the future.

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How I Would Start A Business Now (FREE)

I started my first online business back in 2009 (a fabric shop). Would I do that in 2023? No.

Learn what I would do, and how I would do it by clicking below.

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Distinct Membership™ (intro price)

✅ Inaugural Vault

Personalized pathway so that you can go from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur faster.

✅ Personal Human Design Reading

All new members get a personal – optional – Human Design Reading. There’s a form to fill out, and within 48 hours, you’ll get a personal video going through the main areas of YOUR HD Chart.

✅ Advisory Board

Learn from other small business owners – if you want, you can even be featured yourself.

✅ Commercial Licensed Products

Products with commercial license – meaning you can sell them as your own, and keep all the profits, without paying royalties.

✅ Courses, Templates, Planners+++

Covering every stage from beginner to seasoned entrepreneur. Whether you want to grow you list, sell more, create recurring income streams, relax and pamper yourself – it’s all included in this membership.

✅ Voxer Hours

Each Tuesday, you can hit me up on Voxer for any business advice. From 7AM CET to 9PM CET.

✅ FB Group

Join our FB Group and interact with other members, and get feedback on your personal progress.

 ✅ Prizes & Awards

Individually designed so that you can go from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur faster.

 ✅ Members’ Discounts

Being a member of Distinct.Membership will sometimes reward you with discounts on popular tools and software, as well as courses and other resources.

✅ The Unique 3CC PathWay

Individually designed so that you can go from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur faster.

✅ New Content

Each month you’ll get access to new content to help you go from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur as fast as possible, without going down rabitt holes or falling into ditches that you can’t get out off.

✅ Affiliate Option*

As an affiliate, you’ll make a 50% recurring commission. If you refer 2 people to become a member, the commission will cover your membership fee.

If you get in as one of the first 100 members, or before the 15th March, you’ll lock your monthly fee at $37, but everyone you refer going forward, will have to pay $97, so with just 1 referral, you’ll get your own membership for free + some pocket money to spare.

*Only the first 100 members get the opportunity to become a paid affiliate, and will only earn commissions as long as they’re paying members themselves.

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Simpli.Distinct (all and everything tech)

Everything tech-related for any business.

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All things FREE

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Switch & Shine™ (coming June24)

Looking for a community that will cheer you on, help you out and make your business grow – fast?

Well, in the next couple of months Collaborating Collective will become available, so please sign up to the newsletter above, to get notified.

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