Wandering Aimfully, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a website and a business that’s created by Jason and Caroline Zook. Or not just a website and business, but a way of living. A tribe. A community. You can check them out at www.wanderingaimfully.com

But before I tell you more about them and their program/membership and values and everything else, let me pull back the curtains a little bit, to when I started my online business journey back in 2009.

peak behind the curtains

Behind the scenes

Back then I had an online fabric shop, but I soon discovered that in order to run a business, I needed to learn some online business skills. I used google a lot, and found some very popular names out there in the period of 2011-2015, and I signed up for a lot of – expensive – programs.

Most of these do no longer offer affiliate links, why I don’t know, but as I’ve grown as an entrepreneur there’s only 2 people that I find are still the real deal (no fluff, no fake it ‘til you make it, but showing all the bad stuff as well), and that’s Denise Duffield-Thomas and Bushra Azhar. And after a few expensive learning experiences, I’m now, at the end of 2022, VERY careful of who I promote, and very careful about who I spend my money with as well, when it comes to high-end-business-courses. But these 2 women I trust, and I know they deliver way beyond what I would ever expect.

So I haven’t really been looking for business advice courses to invest in, but a bit of a seed was sown a couple of years ago, when I discovered www.secretowlsociety.org/ by Michelle. The look and feel of her courses had me researching where she hosted them. Because I knew it couldn’t be Teachable or Thinkific, as I’d been using them myself for years, and no way you could get that outcome from those platforms.



I soon found out that they were using Teachery, a course platform at $49/month, but at this time I’d heard rumors that Thrivecart, which I used as my cart system, were going to launch their own course platform, so I thought I’d better wait.


Later that year Michelle told me about the WAIM course, where the Teachery platform was included for life. But the price of the WAIM course, was for me at that moment, too high. And I didn’t even know Jason and Caroline, so why should I trust them with that amount of money, when I’d been screwed by other “big names” out there earlier?

So I signed up for their newsletter and thought maybe I like you, maybe I don’t, but they’re free so I’ve got nothing to lose. Right?

Well, I don’t just like them, I love them. They are totally my kind of people, totally transparent with how life issues like mental health sufferings affect their life and business. Given the fact that I personally suffer from anxiety, depression and ptsd, and are running a business, this speaks directly to my heart.

They also have a way of teaching that’s really down to earth, no hype, no fuzz, just two people enjoying each other’s company and really want the viewers and their customers to have a great time.

After using Thrivecart for a couple of years now, and having some issues getting paid my affiliate commissions from them, from sales made, and having to track it down, I’m a bit torn about whether I want to promote them. But they have an affiliate section that is SO, SO good. So what’s a woman to do? Well, continue to promote them I guess, because their cart system and affiliate system and course platform is really great.

The Yearly Official Sales Period Of Wandering Aimfully


But when I got an email from Jason and Caroline in September 2022, saying that they’d run a new flash sale period of WAIM, I thought “it’s now or never”. I want to grow my business even more, I want to learn from people that I love receiving emails from, and I want the Teachery platform.

To me it became a no-brainer when I discovered that they offer a payment plan, and even though I’ll have to pay them for a total of 20 months, it’s ok. 

And inside their program they have a very useful excel sheet showing you how to literally get WAIM for free, because you’ll save money on other stuff. Stuff you’re paying for, that you don’t use anyway. 

Truth be told, I found way more than those $100 I pay each month for 20 months. Like memberships I don’t use.

So, I’m getting everything for free, and I get to create my own courses on Teachery, like I’ve dreamt of for the last couple of years. 

Want to learn more of why I love Jason and Caroline’s WAIM programme? (apart from I’ve been dreaming of doing almost exactly what they’ve managed to do? Click here.

Also check out the 10 reasons why I love Teachery if you’d like.

If you’re interested in signing up for WAIM, and you decide to use my affiliate link, I have a bonus for you.

I’m all for people wanting to start businesses from home/remote, and I have a lot of courses, and a lot of products that come with commercial rights.

If you sign up through my link, I’ll give you $500 of MeAMom Credits. That means that after you sign up, you can have a look at plr.meamom.com and mommakingmoneyathome.com, and choose products worth up to $500 that you’ll get access to for free. When you send me the receipt I’ll send you the details of how to redeem the credit and get access.

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