Book recommendations 

It’s no secret that if you want to build a long lasting business of your own, or you want to grow your current business, you need to educate yourself, and that’s why I have created this list of book recommendations for you.

There’s many ways to do so, one of the most important ones is through reading. Or listening to audiobooks, but at least in some way consume a book.

Since starting out online for the first time, back in 2009, I have no idea how many books I’ve read, but it’s quite an extensive list.

On top of that comes the 200+ books I have in my audible account. 200… It’s insane to be honest.

That said – I love audible and their membership, and I’ve been a member for years now.

But that’s not what this post is about, here I’m going to list 61 (I tried to stop at 50…) of the books I’ve read or listened to over the years, and that’s really had an impact on how I live my life today, and how I run my always evolving business.

As I grow mentally, my business changes – so simple, and yet so frustrating at times.

The books are in no specific order, I’m just writing them as they come to mind.

Please note, that I’ve linked all the books to Amazon(because they send worldwide, and also offer free shipping through their Amazon Prime program. As you can see from the list, I tend to stick to a few authors at times. When you click on an image, you might find that the book is currently also offered in a bundle. The reason I haven’t linked directly to any bundle, is because Amazon changes these all the time.

Please also note, that some of the links are affiliate links, which means I might get a few cents if you choose to buy the book. This is of course at no extra cost to you.

Some of the books are available both as used and new, paperback and hardback, kindle and audible – so there’s really no excuse to not grab at least one of them.


If you liked this list of books, and maybe ordered one or more yourself, I’d love if you would share this post with anyone you think might be in need of a good read or listen.

One can always get enough of the covid-19 updates, sometimes one really needs to expand our knowledge and gain some new insights.

Stay safe!

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