Beautiful – maybe. Useful – definitely.

Working from home, alone, can be quite lonely. Not just if you’re an entrepreneur, I guess during covid-19, next to all people that were instructed to work from home office, felt the loneliness from time to time.

When you’re working from someone else’s office, they provide you with all the stationary needed to perform the job, but not necessarily the stationary that makes you want to DO the job.

Luckily, when you work from home, you get a chance to have a saying in that matter – and you know what? There’s so many options out there!

From plain white, to cardboard, to natural colors, to unicorns, to just about anything you can imagine – and then some.

And did you know something else – it’s much more fun to work from home when you have a designated area, where you have everything at its place and ready to go, not having to run around the house looking for an envelope or a pen to sign a document.

So what do you recon – time for some new stationary – or at least time to do some dreaming and planning of some new items?


Did it spark some engagement? Did you order something? Many online shops offer free delivery these days, and for some countries it’s just a matter of hours before you can have the new stationary items – or any other items, on your front door.

Internet is a great thing to have when you’re stuck at home, that’s for sure. 

Stay safe!

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