Planners & Printables With Commercial Rights

All of the products on this page comes with a commercial right license, meaning you are allowed to resell it to your own customers, without having to pay any royalty fees in the future.

You buy the product once, and then when you resell it, you get to keep all the profits.

To read more about each product, please click on the image, and if you have any questions, please see the FAQ section below, or send us an email at 

Journal peace
biblical quotes
Editable social media images
Easter Planner
reading planner
wedding planner
kitchen planner
love coupons
landscape calendar bw
landscape calendar
mother coupons
father coupons
holiday book reading
chocolate day
mental health
100 editable pages
empty nester
baby journal
star notebook
forest digital planner
50 infographics
150 viral quotes
rainbow notebook
100 viral quotes
national watermelon day
productivity bundle
drinking game
5 digital planners
10 dinosaur coloring pages
journal pages
babyshower games
calendar pages
abstract planner pages
monster notebook
24 babyshower games
bee journal
Autumn Leaves
wall art
caterpillar notebook
3000 animated graphics
coloring mega bundle


What is Commercial Rights?

Commercial rights mean that the product is done-for-you, you are allowed to resell it as your own, by putting your name/brand on it. When you purchase the product, you pay for the resell lisence once, and then never have to pay any royalty fees again.

Is it a scam?

Done-for-you products have been around since the very beginning of education. But usually you have to pay royalties for using other people’s work in your own business or in schools. 

As long as you don’t put a (c) on the product, you are good to go. The reason for this is, that only one person/entity can have copyright on something, and with commercial rights, many people buy that products, and not all can claim copyright on them.


Won't the market be overflood with the same product?

As with all products with commercial rights, we recommend changing at least the covers, and some bits and pieces of the text throughout the product, to make it more aligned with your own business.

Can I use the products myself?

Of course you can. You don’t have to resell them, you can use them in your own business/life, and not do anything more, or you can do both – use them yourself and resell them. It’s all up to you.


Can I get a refund?

No. Simply because this is a digital product, with instant access, and it comes with an extended lisence, and as of that there’s no refund.

What am I not allowed to do with this license?

You are not allowed to claim copyright.

You are not allowed to mention us or any websites under The Rippling Wings AS’ umbrella as the creator of the products.

You are not allowed to resell any resell rights.


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