How can you become a work from home mom, run a business from home and earn from the comfort of your home?

TL;DR; If you want to know the fastest and cheapest way to start work from home, you should opt in for blogging. For less than $5/month plus an internet connection you’re good to go!

In this article I’m going to show you quite a few home based online business ideas, and how you can create a business starting home, and if you do it the right way you can later expand to another location if preferable.

Let’s lay the ground rule: There will be a new “normal”, post covid-19.

Many of us have discovered the benefits from being able to run our days at a more relaxed level, not getting stuck in the time bound, as we’ve been able to escape the commute each day by working from home. And for some of us there’s no going back to a corporate job. 

There are two ways to work from home, one is where you work remotely for other small or large businesses, and one where you create your own business.

Endless possibilities


Let’s have a brief look at some positions you can perform remotely or create yourself, and let’s also confirm that these positions work for all genders. 

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Matchmaker
  3. Data Entry Specialist
  4. Translator
  5. Recruiting Coordinator
  6. Event Planner
  7. Proofreader
  8. Brand Ambassador
  9. Writer/Blogger
  10. Bookkeeper
  11. Transcriptionist
  12. Online Stylist
  13. Virtual Assistant
  14. Freelance Interior Designer
  15. Online Teacher/Tutor
  16. Content Marketer
  17. Accounting Clerk
  18. Inside Sales Representative
  19. Graphic Designer
  20. Computer Troubleshooting Technician
  21. Coach
  22. Seamstress
  23. Marketing Specialist
  24. Search Engine Evaluator
  25. Social Media Specialist
  26. Travel Consultant
  27. Web Designer
  28. Cooking & Baking
  29. Jewelry making
  30. Daycare for pets or kids

As you can see from the list above, working from the comfort of your home, can easily become a reality. Through a quick google search, you’ll be able to find places where you can sign up as a job seeker, or apply for jobs already advertised. One of these places is HireMyMom.

Some of the jobs above, can be executed through a business of your own, and for some of them, you might be better off getting employed by the recruiter themselves.

Create once – benefit long term

Since I’m a work from home mom myself (I started when my children were young, now they’re almost grownups all of them), I live to tell how you easily can create a business of your own, how to scale it, and how to make passive income from it – meaning you create a product once, and then as the weeks and months go by, it gets traction on the internet, and start living a life of its own. And when that occurs, you reap what you’ve sown, and make money in your sleep.

I also created my own affiliate program, after using this free program starter kit from Zoe.

Of course, it’s not always easy to work from home, it can be lonely, and if you have kids, you might still have to pay for a babysitter or daycare. But all the money you make, you make for yourself, not some company that pays you a fraction of their income, as your salary. So the effort you put in, will gain you – and your family – and makes it easier to justify for your partner when you have to put in long hours in the evening from time to time.

Time is the most important value you have

In any business, time is the most important value you have, there are only 24 hours a day, whether you’re unemployed or run a multi dollar millionaire business. So how can you make the most of it when you’re working from home?


Use a calendar, that the whole family can see, add to and use, like this one, and schedule everything that’s supposed to happen all week, including the hours you’ll be working on your business. Also include meal creations and other daily chores that need to be done, like walking the dog or feeding it.

Of course there are downsides to working from home, but in my opinion the benefits outweigh those. When working from home, given you have kids or a partner, some of the benefits are:

  1. you get to see your kids or partner more
  2. you can skip the commute – and save the money
  3. you have the possibility to set your own hours
  4. every penny you make, is yours – when the bills are paid
  5. you can have more relaxing mornings
  6. you can have more relaxing afternoons
  7. escape the gossip and social interactions with people you have nothing more in common with, than the fact that you both get paid by the same company
  8. save money on work outfits and lunch breaks

Job possibilities

Now that you and I hopefully can agree that working from home has its benefits, why not look more into what possibilities there actually are when it comes to work options (I’ve mentioned some in the previous list, but there’re so many possibilities)?

  1. photographer
  2. sell items on ebay/craigslist or similar
  3. sell handmade products on etsy/ravelry or similar
  4. art-buying consultant
  5. publicity and press informant
  6. gift basket creator
  7. sell flower arrangements
  8. personal trainer
  9. pool cleaner
  10. garden design
  11. makeup consultant
  12. any home party niche
  13. researcher
  14. speaking and presentation coach
  15. catering service
  16. car flipping
  17. house flipping
  18. rental service
  19. podcasting
  20. youtube video creator
  21. online course creator
  22. plr creator
  23. airbnb
  24. refurbishment
  25. furniture making
  26. scrapbooking
  27. soap and candle making
  28. repairs
  29. tourist service
  30. cleaning services – house and cars
  31. stock tracker
  32. influencer
  33. Affiliate marketing
  34. app developing
  35. voiceover
  36. doula
  37. tax specialist
  38. hair stylist
  39. debt collector
  40. home based organization 
  41. feng shui specialist
  42. subscription box service

As you can see from this list, there’s really no limit to what you can do, or start, to create a work from home business, and start earning money from the comfort of your home.

And as I mentioned, the most valuable asset you have in your business is time, so how can you leverage that, and make the most of it, apart from creating a schedule of everything that needs to be done?

PLR – Private Label Rights 

What is PLR you might ask. Simply put it’s ready made content, or done for you content. Through Private Label Rights(PLR) licenses and Master Resell Rights(MRR) licenses, you eliminate the time you need to create a product from scratch. All you need to do is brand and customize the products, to fit your business and your customers needs. It’s all legal, as it’s the creator that gives you a license to resell, and to keep all the profits you make from the sales. If you want to read and learn more, download this FREE PLR report

There are a lot of really good PLR content out there, and there’s a lot of bad, and if you want PLR content that gives you access to premium planners, e-courses and other high ticket products you can resell as your own, I suggest you check out this company. And why not sign up for some of their free stuff while you’re there – I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality.

If you’re more into the low content, where you can create notebooks, binders and so on, to sell on sites like Etsy, I recommend this and this FREE resource. And if you’re more into articles and information creation, why not sign up for this freebee or this?

Actually, on Appsumo, I have a list of 110+ free PLR products you can download and sell as your own, why not check them out? 

The cost of starting a business

You might ask if it costs a lot of money starting a business from your home, and the short answer is that it all depends on what kind of business you’re thinking of running.

Running solely on affiliate marketing costs nothing but time, a computer and an internet connection. Selling physical products costs a lot more, like storage space, packing materials, shipping costs and so on.

There’s also that other cost – the mental one – because it can get really lonely working alone, from home. But I’m going to reveal a few tips on how to make it more cosy and how to not spend too much money in your business overall.

Having a designated area in your home, for your business, is beneficial. Even if you’re only doing affiliate marketing. 

Work area

A little table and a chair, tucked up in a corner in the kitchen, with a few nice pictures on the wall, space for a cup of coffee, and perhaps a view out the window, goes a long way.

Don’t spend cash you don’t have

You shouldn’t go into debt to start a business on your own, but next to all of us do. The key to this issue is not to take on more debt than you can handle, and only debt with a low interest rate if possible. Credit cards should be off limits unless you are 100% certain you can pay the full amount back in time, before the interest starts running. I speak of experience here. It nearly cost me both my house and my marriage.



There are free platforms out there to market on – Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to name a few. Here are some useful tips on how to use Instagram, and if you’d like a full course, I have one in my arsenal here. All of these platforms also offer you the possibility of paid marketing, but I strongly suggest you start out small, and build as you get the money in from sales.



If you’re going to have a wider reach, you need to be online. It can all be done for free(yes it’s true, I’ve created a PLR product about it!), but I strongly suggest you spend a few dollars on this, to brand your presence.

Your email list


This is your gold in your business. Every goal in your marketing effort, whether it’s free or paid advertising, just an image on the blog or Instagram – should be to collect email addresses. And every platform has the possibility to ban you from their site, and a “like” on Facebook is not worth much in the end(only when it comes to the number of times the post is shown). The only thing that matters is getting potential customers on to your list. 

If you’re ready to explore what 5 things it takes to leave your 9-5, then grab this 20-pages report:

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