How to know what you really want

Let’s talk about how to know what you really want. Being true to yourself, is kind of a foundation of the importance of actually defining what your best life looks like for you personally. Given that you’ve taken the time to outline this “best life” on your own terms, you might still not be certain if your idea of a great life is actually worth striving for. After all, it takes commitment.


There may still be some self-doubt and fear whether you’ll still lack satisfaction and fulfillment even if you achieve your ideal version of life. These are normal concerns that can often be soothed with the right way of thinking. 


So, how to know what you really want, and how will you know if the life you are striving for is right for you? 


How can you be sure that all of the hard work and time investment, required to achieve this life, is going to be worth it in the long run? 

No one size fits all solution

The answers to these questions are not black and white, rather a feeling-based process. And there’s no right or wrong, no one-size-fits-all. What’s right for you, might be wrong for me and vice versa.


Although our feelings and emotions can get us into trouble at times, they are a beautiful aspect of humanity and certainly serve their purpose. This is especially true when trying to discover our dreams and needs and resources, and the life we dream of. 


That being said, how do your daily actions and steps towards your goals make you feel? 


You see, feelings of happiness and satisfaction should not be reserved only for the end result of some goal or achievement.

Enjoy the process

The process itself should be one that brings you joy. 


It doesn’t matter how happy or fulfilled you think you will be after reaching a big life goal if you are miserable throughout the entire process of getting there. 


Of course, there’s always going to be some level of discomfort and fatigue when trying to achieve anything of significance, but this can’t be the overall trend. Not only will this most likely result in you giving up before the finish line, but it will also diminish much of the satisfaction when you get there. 


Another tool that can be quite helpful in discovering your dreams, and getting you on the path to true fulfillment, has to do with your natural talents and gifts. Whether you consider yourself to be a gifted individual or just plain average, there are almost certainly things you are inherently good at. 


These are the skills and talents that other people may have complimented you on. Things that seem to come easy to you, and that have not required a lot of extra effort on your part. One of the best ways to discover your own personal path to fulfillment is to listen to these things. 


Whether you want to call it destiny, fate or purpose, life will sometimes provide helpful indicators that you are following your intended path. 


Of course, challenging yourself to improve at certain things you are not naturally gifted at, is also a great way to grow as an individual. But most people that leave their mark on the world, do so by harnessing and building on their natural gifts. 


So, have you found a way to how to know what you really want?

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