How I got started in online business

Let’s roll back the curtain on how I got started in online business.

The 16th October 2008, my life turned upside down. I was picked up at work by an ambulance, and they thought I had suffered a heart attack at the age of 34.

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Luckily I had not, but nevertheless I had to face some skeletons in the closet, and make a serious shift in my whole life.

I had to choose my battles, and some of them were really ugly, but in order to stay alive, I had to focus more on pleasing my own needs, than pleasing others’. This also meant that I had to embrace my dreams.

My dream of becoming self-employed now was in the reach of my palms. My dream of living a more healthier life, a life where I had more energy and more time to relax. 

It was now or never.

What to do?

I could continue down the path I’d walked up until now, or I could start all over.

But having a great idea of a product, and making it a sustainable business, is not enough. It can be quite difficult to combine.

Things can go really bad without lack of direction and lack of a foundation. 

So my “what” in life has become to teach others not to make the same mistakes that I did, and show them how to really build a sustainable business from scratch.

My “why” of why I’m in online business, is because I want to show my family it can be done, that you can actually pay off all of that cc debt accumulated when you were at your darkest place mentally.

So let me ask you a question.

tired mom

Have you ever seen this woman before? Maybe in the mirror?

I was that woman.

One of the things I soon discovered after reaching my burnout in 2008, was the fact that I attract my thoughts, and I’m responsible for my reactions to them. And by learning to shift the reactions, I discovered my true potential.

Now, are you ready for some major changes in your life?

It’s all about creating your dream product and selling it to your dream customers.

The hustle can be real, but it doesn’t have to be like that. 

We all think that in order to create a sustainable business we need 1000’s of customers, but we don’t. We need customers that want to buy from us over and over again. And we need them to buy products at different price tiers.

An example of how to make money in your online business

Let me show you something:

Let’s say you have 1 product, and you want to reach $100K in sales. Below you find how many customers you’ll need to reach that goal, on different price tiers.

Product             Selling price        Goal             Number of customers you need

Product #1                 $47                 100K                (100000/47)=2128 customers

Product #1                 $99                 100K                (100000/99)=1011 customers

Product #1                 $147               100K                (100000/147)= 680 customers

Most of the people in the online business industry are creators, so the likelihood of you having only one product to offer is slim to none. You probably already have at least 3 products created.

So what happens if you sell all of these three products, to the same customers – as they become repeat customers?

The sale prices are $293, and your goal is still $100K. The number of repeat customers you need is (100000/293)=341 customers.

Or let’s look at the numbers above again: With the numbers you’ll need 3819 DIFFERENT customers to reach $300K. 

If you on the other hand go for repeat customers, you’ll only need (300000/293)=1024 customers. 

That’s about ¼ or 25% of 3819 people. 


It’s very hard to get people to make that first purchase with you. But if they buy, and they like your product, they are more likely to buy from you again. And you won’t have to put down the same scale of hustle to get them to buy a second time, as you did for that first sale.

My question to you now is: Do you wait until you reach the bottom mentally before you start taking care of you and your needs, or do you want to start right now?

If you want to keep track of everything you do going forward, I suggest you grab a digital planner and use that on your phone, tablet or computer. If you use the annotation app from Goodnotes, you can use the planner on different devices without losing any information.

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