These are the most faq (frequently asked questions) we receive. To minimize our time spent in front of the computer, we’ve created this page.


Let’s have a look at our FAQ:

Why don't you create a site about parenting - being a mom and all?

While I’ve never actually been asked this question, I think it’s fair to let you know why I don’t parent others.

Every situation is unique.

Every child is unique.

I think the majority of us parents do the best we can, and if we feel we’re not coping, we ask for help.

In addition, there are so many great parenting sites and resourses out there, and it’s not my expertise.

My expertise is how to start, build and run a business from home – while raising kids with needs for special care. All while battling my own inner demons.


What do you mean by commercial rights?

All of the products you find in the shop have a commercial right license.

This means that when you buy one or more products from me, you are allowed to take that product and sell to your customers with personal use only rights.

This means that you don’t have to pay me any fees or royalties in the future for reselling my products.

What are the restrictions around that commercial right license?

There are 3 restrictions:

1. You are not allowed to claim copyright for the product you’ve purchased

2. You are not allowed to identify Meamom or any other websites, names or companies under The Rippling Wings AS’ umbrella as the creator of the products

3. You are not allowed to resell any resell rights

Can I edit the products?

Yes you can.

But not all of the products are editable in the same way.

Some are ready made pdf’s where the only editing you can do, is add a footer and/or header.

Some you can edit all elements like fonts, text, colors, cliparts and position of them.

Please read the description on each product before purchasing.



Can I get a refund?

No, there’s no refund.

The reason for that is that this is digital products with resell rights. They are instantly delivered to your inbox.


Why do you offer a resell license?

I offer a resell license because I want you to save time in your daily life.

If you already have a hobby, selling printables on Etsy or on other platforms/websites, then I relieve you from the constant burden of creating new products to stack up your shop. This saved time can be spent with your family, or just sleeping if that’s what you need most at the moment.

If you don’t have a place to sell the products yet, but have been playing with the thought of selling digital products, then now is an excellent time to take that first step.


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