Social media can be a pain or a blessing in disquise, depending on your perspective. If you’re seeing results from your posts, such as lots of Likes, Shares, or Comments, you probably love the hole Social Media thing.  If you’re struggling to get any interaction, you’re probably just scrolling through, hoping to find the missing piece. 

Planning and research is important when it comes to using social media effectively for marketing your side gig business. 

Here are some other ideas for discovering what your fans want:

1. Ask your fans. Plain and simple; there’s no sense in guessing what they want, so ask them directly. Don’t use a form, other than the one you can create directly in FB, because people don’t like the idea of long surveys when they’re on social medias. Simply ask them directly in a post. Using a survey like on Survey Monkey, can be an option, if, and only if, you need your peeps to be anonomous, or you don’t get any responds on the platforms. 

2. Learn to track(and read the results) of your posts. What posts have gotten the most Likes, Shares, and Comments? Use that subject matter to plan out more posts. Don’t repost the same exact thing; change it up or delve into a different perspective of the same subject. Take that subject matter and create an infographic; or create a graphic with just a quote; or write a brand new blog post and create a graphic to promote that post.

3. Always keep an eye on what other people talk about. You’ll most likely see a host of questions (or complaints) regarding customer service. Take these concerns and address them in new social media posts or blog posts; or simply refine your own customer service processes using this info. Even if they aren’t complaining about something, pay attention to what they say they need or can’t find in the market. Take that idea, develop it, and turn it into a new service, product, or series of posts offering detailed information your market needs.

Most importantly, be present on social media every day and really take notice of what’s happening in conversations. Automating social media can be a great time saver but social media is supposed to be SOCIAL so no amount of automation can make up for a lack of interaction from you. People don’t want to follow a robot; they want a real person, that person who knows so much and can help them find the solutions to their problems.

Also, experiment a little by mixing up the topics of your posts: Try video or infographics instead of text, or inserting more of your personal life. Tracking these changes will yield a ton of information and you’ll know fairly quickly if you’ve hit the mark or if that method/topic should be left alone. Sharing a bit about your personal life also helps break down that barrier between you, the expert, and your followers. It makes you more accessible and more real instead of just the face and name of a business.

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