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50 Fully-Editable Coloring Pages For Personal Growth


50 Fully-Editable Note Pages With Prompts & Backgrounds For Coloring

100 editable pages

Have you had a look lately on Etsy and other platforms, and seen a lot of coloring pages for both children and adults for sale? Have you had a look on Amazon and seen how well coloring books do – for all ages?

Well, coloring, whether you’re young or old, if you have any type of disability or just want to sharpen your skills, coloring is a great way to improve fine motor skills, it reduces stress, you can make an income from your  colored images, and it’s fun. It’s something the whole family can do together, or you can color by yourself.

For your business, coloring pages are a great way to build your list, as you can give them away for free. They are also a great way to generate easy money, since it’s fairly easy to put together a coloring book. 

And that’s what this coloring and note book pages bundle can do for you. 

We’ve put together 50 coloring pages with positive wordings on.


We’ve put together 50 notebook pages with backgrounds to color and a positive statement. 


We’ve created 2 different covers with mock ups.

All files are fully editable in Canva.

Since they are editable in Canva, you can change the backgrounds, the fonts, the text, the lines, the sizes – everything. You can add in other elements, delete elements, duplicate pages and elements too.

Let’s have a look at the coloring pages:

And the notebook pages of course:

There are also 2 different covers, which both have 2 different mock-ups, and the covers themselves are fully editable in Canva, so you can change the whole layout like fonts, text, images and elements.

Is the coloring niche really an icebreaker for you bottom line?

If you’re in the low content niche, done-for-you niche, coloring books, planners, binders and many other products, having coloring pages as additions will not make you LESS money, that’s for sure.

So what can you do with this bundle?

  • You can split the pages, and create smaller bundles, and sell them on Etsy(or other platforms).
  • You can mix them up with other products that have commercial rights and sell them.
  • You can add them to digital planners so that people can color on the screen.
  • You can give away a few pages, and then have people pay you a small amount for the rest of the bundle.
  • You can put you name/brand on them and sell them as your own.
  • You can create coloring books and put them on KDP Amazon for sale.
  • You can print out the pages and color them, frame it, and sell it as art.
  • You can do nothing, and just sell it as is.
  • You will never have to pay any royalties.

You can do absolutely nothing, and then of course, it won’t add $$ to your bottom line.

So what can’t you do?

  • You can not claim copyright of the coloring pages, this is a product with commercial rights, so many people will sell the same product, but only one could have copyright.
  • You can not refer to our company in any was as the creator of this. This is a product you can brand with your own name, not ours.
  • You can not resell any resell rights, only an end product. Even if you change the fonts or text you can not sell the original coloring backgrounds with resell rights.

Creating these 50 coloring pages with positive statements + 50 paged notebook + 2 different covers takes hours. If you were to outsource this to a freelancer, they charge you between $50-$100 for 1 coloring page you can resell. So a fair estimate would be $2500 for just the coloring pages. And you could probably add another $500-$1000 for the notebook pages and covers.

So not only do you get these products with full commercial rights, we’ve saved you at least 40 hours of work and $3000 in product development. And the best part? If you don’t like it, you can edit them completely in Canva!

All sales are final. Due to the extended license and digital nature, there’s no refund period.

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