Why and how to use a cart system

Let me tell you why and how to use a cart system like Thrivecart in your business. Back in June 2020 I signed up for Thrivecart because I was about to host my very first bundle. At the time I needed the affiliate payments to run smoothly, as well as giving my affiliates the possibility to add their signup incentive bonuses. Thrivecart seemed to be one who could make their sales process as easy as possible as well. 

Disclosure: This post might contain affiliate links. This means that if you later on decide to purchase something through these links, I might get rewarded through credits or money. At no extra cost to you. Rest assured that I would never link to a product I haven’t tested myself.

And here I must digest a bit, because I want to really go into their customer service. You see, halfway into the launch paypal started paying my customers double. Paypal told them that they made sales and were giving them commissions. The customers were not charged twice, I didn’t get paid twice, but my affiliates did. 

I live in Norway, Thrivecart is seated in NewZealand, there’s a timezone difference to take into consideration as well here. So when I say Thrivecart worked day and night to try and resolve this issue, I’m not lying. And instead of me having to talk to Paypal (like  other companies often do), they did the talking. Thrivecart handled the clawbacks – they did everything I could ever dream of and more. That and the list below, is why it was a no-brainer to me to sign up for Convertbox in 2021.

Back to the list of why and how to use Thrivecart:

Send new subscribers to different email lists, depending on what they purchase/sign up for

Each month I participate in giveaways in order to grove my list of people interested in specific types of products I offer.

I offer Private Label Rights licensed products, Binders and business related courses. And with Thrivecart you’re able to send the sign ups directly to different types of email lists from your email provider. This will make your unsubscribe rate lower. Because the subscribers will only receive emails regarding subjects they’re interested in. 

Makes bump-offers/upsells/downsells a breeze

WordPress is the platform where my site is built, and I use the premium Divi theme. Having a cart software that makes selling, upselling and even downselling smooth and effortless is worth next to any price. Because in business and life in general – time is our most valuable asset.

Thrivecart handles both affiliate sales and courses/products and physical products as well.

I have two main income streams in my business – affiliate marketing and selling courses/products. Both of these Thrivecart can handle.

Integrates with all major mail delivery systems/shops/plugins

When it comes to integration with others, Thrivecart can handle most of them, if not all. If you use a course- and membership-plugin like Memberpress the integration with Thrivecart is an easy setup.

How to embed your cart system anywhere

With Thrivecart you can embed your cart anywhere, on any page, within blog posts, as pop-ups or even  through emails. This makes it a whole lot easier to turn any prospect into customers without the hustle.

Constant updates

While other software systems mainly update their systems a couple of times a year, by half of 2021 gone, Thrivecart has had 89 updates so far. They constantly monitor trends and patterns worldwide to ensure the highest conversions possible.

In it for the money

Anyone running a business is in it for the money – amongst other things. So to have a software automatically calculate taxes based on locations and other values, are really important. Thrivecart has this feature embedded, which means you don’t need expensive addons.

Create any type of offer you need

Easily create free trials, split payments, tripwires, flexible subscriptions, recurring sales, discount offers, “pay what you want” (PWYW) pricing and much more.  I could go on and on about all the features of Thrivecart, and that would take like forever. But let me just show you in a picture what Thrivecart thinks are the most important ones:

As you can see, there are endless possibilities on how Thrivecart can be used in YOUR business as well. And all of these reasons and possibilities are the reason why I decided to hop on Convertbox. Josh at Thrivecart took over the reins during Spring of 2021. Convertbox adds to Thrivecart that one little thing they lack -> target any visitor coming to your website. 

All of the above is a description on why and how to use a cart system. Are you ready to try out the cart system Thrivecart yourself? Right now, while I’m writing this post,  you can do so at a discounted price. I’m not sure how long it will last though. Just check out the details on their special invite page here. 

Why And How To Use A Cart System

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