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Ease the way of promoting yourself


From time to time you will get approached by brands wanting to work with you, or you’ll approach them asking to collaborate.

What better way to show off your skills and your previous efforts, than through an in-dept media kit?

By purchasing this planner, you’ll have it created in a weekend (or 48 hours if you prefer).

It’s not about your # of followers

You can land your next promotion job or get fully booked by clients, if you have the guts to tell people the real deal. AKA as followers, visitors, page views and so on.

Owning your numbers, makes you stand out in a crowd where everyone can toss out a number, without having to showcase the facts.

By creating your media kit in a professional way, it shows that you’ve dived deep into your numbers and that you care for those, but also want to be up front with what your potential clients can expect.

As long as you show you deliver value in your promotions or courses or coachings, how many you’ve done it for previous, don’t matter that much.

It’s not the #’s, it’s the total value you give.