– without the overwhelm

And also minimize the risk of sales loss, even in unplanned situations

If you’re like any other online business owner…

…You already know that “life” tend to happen when you least expect it, and you might have to take days off without being able to plan your leave. 

And you already know that can become an issue for your sales – and your revenue.

Either because you don’t have the full understanding of what goes on in the backend of your business when it comes to setting up automatic deliveries


You don’t know how to get the 14 tools and software that you already own, to talk to each other, so you end up doing everything manually.


You have outsourced all of this to your VA, but you are actually terrified that your VA will leave because then you’ll be left with absolutely no clue about what to do


You’ve come to the conclusion that if you take time off, expected or unexpectedly, sales will stop coming in. And you think you’d better throw in the towel now, because this “online business” thing is not working for you.

I call bs on that – I even call it excuses!

And excuses will get you nowhere near your goal. Not now, and not in the future.

There’s no way you shouldn’t be able to learn all of the above. Because, having an online business means…


The money you earn in your business, goes directly back to you, instead of you getting paid to make other people rich. Of course you should know what’s going on in the backend of your business.



Most of us don’t have the need to know how to play the flute that we learned back in school, but the skills you acquire building your own online business, will come in handy no matter if you make your business into a major corporate, or later choose to go back to the 9-5.



Selling digital products means that you can change your product range whenever there’s a new trend. You have no stock that must be sold out, you have no storage facility you need to rent.

There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t care about, and learn, what goes on in the backend of your business!

Headshot Cecilie

Hi there, my name is Cecilie.


I’m using my unique 3CC implementation system to help people go from newbies to successful entrepreneurs, despite any health issues, all while avoiding overwhelm and burnout.

I’m a mom to 3 children with diagnosis, I’m suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD, and I’ve used these health issues as a springboard to success, instead of letting them push me down.

I’ve been self-employed, running different online businesses since 2009, and all of my learnings have created a path, where I now make a sustainable living from the comfort of my home.

My 3CC implementation system is a result of these learnings, making the path from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur, become simple actionable steps, insead of an overload of overwhelm and burnout mentally and physically as a result.

Let me help you avoid big pitfalls when reaching for your dream, by letting me show you the fastest and easiest path to get there.


Well… Not necessarily…


you only need to know some basics.



Your VA might leave.

Your marketing company may grow to big to fast and leave you behind.

Your business partner might create something of their own.

It’s proven that most online business owners don’t make it to the finish line of their sustainable online business dream. 

The reason is simply that running an online business, even when outsourcing things, becomes too overwhelming, and brings in too little revenue.

This is why that can present a significant issue:

You have a skill. You have something you need to show the world. The world needs you. If you can make your business work, you can help others do the same. This will have a ripple effect that will help not only your economy but also improve the income of others.  

You should not deprive others the possibility to learn from you.


Here are 3 crucial reasons why online business owners frequently fail to build a sustainable online business.



that they think they need to succeed… 

Instead of working with what they already have



and end up overwhelmed and burned out…  

Instead of learning the basic principles AND THEN outsource what they don’t want to do



and end up paying for tools and software they don’t need and definitely don’t understand how to use…

When actually less is more, and maybe newer tools could do multiple tasks and make the business more efficient.

Your Exclusive Invitation

All-Inclusive Website Building for Every Online Business Owner: Transforming Your Concerns of How To Learn the “Tech Part” of Your Business into Confidence in Managing Every Aspect Of It. 

This will allow you to take breaks whenever you need to, without feeling overwhelmed or risking sales loss.

I’ve combined all the knowledge I’ve learned from building websites since 2004 and running online businesses since 2009.

Website Without Wearying

…is not just another training program; it’s more of a “done for you” experience allowing you to learn while I take care of the work

Certainly, you will acquire the strategies you need to maintain your website going forward.

But more crucially, you will gain hands-on knowledge through all of the “over the shoulder” videos, showing you step-by-step how the software and tools work seamlessly with each other. 

Which will ultimately lead you to run an online business that will not suffer if you need to take time off. 

Website without Wearying


You get free access to the tools I’ve used to build my own business

Thrivecart PRO account (lifetime access)

1 year FREE Convertkit account(up to 300 subscribers)

1 year of free hosting with Hostinger

premium Divi theme (lifetime access)

You get personal and customized videos

You’ll get customized videos showing

how YOUR website is being built and set up

How the tools and software are set up

How all of the products are being integrated.

How the tools and software work with YOUR products, payment providers, and so on.


Everything DFY (except copy):

  • About page
  • Shop page
  • Contact page
  • Landing page
  • Thrivecart (lifetime)
  • 1 year Convertkit (up to 300 subscribers)
  • Premium Divi Theme (lifetime)
  • 1 year of hosting and domain with Hostinger($133/year)

Envision the potential transformation of the world if… 

  • You get to share your knowledge and products 24/7, even if you’re taking time off
  • You’ll understand what goes on in the back end of your business, even if you outsource it all to a VA
  • If your VA leaves, you’ll be able to continue your business where your VA left it
  • You’ll make more sales and get higher ROI if you can scale down your use of tools and software, and make the buying process as easy as possible for your customers
  • You’ll have more impact and can help more people, not only through your products but also through your income, as you can share it



Website Without Wearying

Split Payment

2 Installments
  • Everything DFY (except copy):
  • About page
  • Shop page
  • Contact page
  • Landing page
  • Thrivecart (Lifetime)
  • 1-year free Convertkit (free up to 300 subscribers)
  • Premium Divi Theme (Lifetime)
  • 1 year of hosting and domain with Hostinger($133/year)
  • Website ready in about 1 week after 2 completed payment and form is filled out.

Time is the most important asset in your business.

And there’s a difference in how much time you have available depending on whether you have health issues or caring responsibilities, compared to if you’re single and have no obligations.

But no matter where you are, time spent on laying a solid foundation is never a waste.

I love how easy it is: I just tell you what I want, and you make it happen <3

love note

Split Payment

2 Installments
  • Everything DFY (except copy):
  • About page
  • Shop page
  • Contact page
  • Landing page
  • Thrivecart (Lifetime)
  • 1-year free Convertkit (free up to 300 subscribers)
  • Premium Divi Theme (Lifetime)
  • 1 year of hosting and domain with Hostinger($133/year)
  • Website ready in about 1 week after 2 completed payment and form is filled out.


How does this work, what do I need to do?

It’s simple:

Buy the package you want.

You’ll then receive a form where you need to fill out your email, full name and address, phone number, and the domain name you wish.

I will then buy the tools and software, and start setting everything up.

Once I’m ready to start with Thrivecart, I’ll send you a short video explaining how you should add your PayPal/Stripe as payment processor (so that you will never have to give up sensitive information to me directly).

Once you’ve done that, I’ll integrate everything with each other, and then you’ll have a brand new website – with personalized videos for all steps made and explaining how you can change anything going forward.

When will the website be ready?

If you pay in full, the website will be ready in 1 week after payment is completed.

If you pay in installments, the website will be ready 1 week after the final payment is received.

Can I get a refund?

This is a customized project, with tools and softwares bought and registered in your name, and as of that, there’s no refund.

What happens if I don’t pay my second installment?

Nothing much.

You will receive access to the software and tools and that’s it.

You will not get a website set up.

All sales are final, if you don’t pay, I won’t come after you with lawyers, but I will not deliver what our initial agreement says either, as you will then have broken the terms you signed for when you bought the deal.

Also remember that if you don’t pay the second installment, you have hindered someone else who might have wanted one of the few spots available, that possibility.

And Karma hits when you least expect it…

Why do you charge such a high price?

Please do your due diligence to compare my prices with others. 

Some might be cheaper, but most of them will be way higher, without you getting all the tools and software setup. As well as personalized videos.

But don’t worry, my prices will increase going forward.

Apart from buying the tools and software, I’ll be spending several hours setting everything up, shooting the videos, and making sure everything works perfectly before you get access to everything.

You are of course free to buy all tools and software yourself, and use YouTube and Google to set it all up.

Time is money for both of us, you can free up time on your end, by leaving the tech stuff to me, which is my zone of genius, and spend those hours on bringing in customers to your business – which is your zone of genius.

A win-win for both of us!

What if I already own these tools and software?

If you already own some or all of these tools: Thrivecart, Convertkit, Hostinger and Divi Theme, I can reduce the price a little bit.

But it complicates the work on my end, and I need access to all your accounts and passwords. There must also not be a 2FA set up for any of the accounts.

Please send an email to and tell me what you already own.


Can you set it up with Bluehost?

Yes, I can.

Please send an email to before purchase.

Can I use a domain I’ve already bought?

If it’s not locked for transfer to Hostinger yes.

Can you install Divi on the website I already have?

If you have your website on WordPress yes.

But activating the Divi theme on a website that is already live, will change the layouts automatically, meaning your website will probably look like a mess.

I have a different question


Please send an email to and let me know what questions you have, and I’ll answer within 24 hours.

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