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have you ever been looking for quotes to use in you emails, your social media accounts, your courses, your books? And do you feel that everywhere you look you seem to see only the same 100 quotes over and over again?

Have you ever wanted a resource filled to the max with quotes from people all over the world – good quotes, that aren’t used that much?


Let’s get real for a moment.


Just because you CAN collect 180500+ quotes from authors, athletes, musicians and others, to build that resource, don’t mean you have to.

Just because you CAN structure that document by name, profession, year of birth/death and nationality, don’t mean you have to. 


You see, I’ve created that file for you. Saving you tons of work and endless hours to structure and gather all that info. 


How many hours would it take you to collect 100 unique quotes? If you’re building the list from scratch, MAYBE you’ll find 60 an hour? 1 every minute?

So to collect 180500 quotes, it would take more than 3008 hours, or 125 days working non-stop. To be fair, you need to sleep and do other stuff during the days as well, so it would probably take you 9 months at least to collect all the quotes. 

And then you need to put all of them into a form, add all info, and structure it in some way. So we’re talking at least another 9 months of work.


If you were to hire someone to collect all these quotes, and spend 3008 hours doing so, at $15/hour, you’d pay them more than $45000, and still it would just be unstructured information. To get it all structured, you’re fast approaching the $100K mark to get this resource up and running. 

  • Luckily it’s already created.
  • Luckily it comes with Private Label Rights. 
  • Luckily you can buy it today, by pressing the button below.

These are some of the things you can create with 180500+ quotes and Private Label Rights:

  • Journals and Planners
  • Books with daily quotes
  • Use them in emails, courses, social media
  • Create a membership, where you release a number of quotes each week/month

Become unique with these quotes

People get tired of seeing the same quotes over and over again, why not stand out by using some fresh quotes?

Even if you decide to use 500 of these quotes, there’s still 180K to choose from, so the likelyness that someone else picks the exact same quotes as you are minimal. 

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