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If you're really into resell options, read below;

I really want you to succeed with your business. After all, that’s what my business is all about. 

And one way to do so, is create all the products in your portfolio yourself. If you do that, you’ll spend hours/days/weeks/months/years to create your products.

Let’s say you spend 7.5 hours/day on product creation. That’s 1800 hours if you take your weekends off. But you can’t, because on the weekends, you need to promote, you need to do administrative tasks, you need to update your website with all of your new products. And you need to relax, spend time with family and friends, and boost your energy levels to be able to take on another 5 days of product creation.

What if you could have your weekends TOTALLY off work? 

By buying done-for-you products with at least a commercial license, you free up a lot of hours. Hours you can spend on promotion(that will bring in the money), administrative tasks and update your website. All of this can be done during the weekdays, and then you’ll have your weekends to spend OFF work, focusing on those closest to you.

That’s why I’ve added an upgrade to this bundle, that will really free up time in your calendar, just have a look at the list:

extra 4

This is what's included in this upgrade:

Horse bundle (3 notebooks, 10 calendars, 4 blog posts, 1 featured post, 10 images with quotes about horses, 30 coloring pages, 30 full colored pages, 30 coloring pages with horse/mandala(Commercial rights) + Wall art, 50+ files (PLR) + The 180500+ Quote vault (PLR) + Multiplication sheets (PLR) + Money tracking & blogposts (PLR) + 8 maze ebooks (Commercial rights) + 9 sudoku ebooks (Commercial rights) + 3 mandala coloring ebooks (Commercial rights) + 3 pattern coloring ebooks (Commercial rights) + 1 adult 35 paged coloring book with mandalas and words (Commercial rights) + 6 goals – 90 days planner (PLR) + Christmas activity book (PLR) + 4 2021 calendars (Commercial rights) + 3 x coloring ebooks with 3 different front covers as flat png files, plus 3 different 3D mock ups of the covers (Commercial rights) + 4 x 100+ lined pages journals – comes with 4 ecover sets. There are 2 3D versions (png) for promotions, and there’s 2 flat versions (jpg and pdf). (PLR) + 8 sticker sheets – these super cute stickers will bright up anyone’s day (png/svg) PLR + 8 different journals, in US Letter size, delivered as pdf’s (32-63 pages each) + 52 different affirmation cards, 6 themed for each journal (PLR) + 300 editable affirmations in canva (PLR) + 2022 daily mindset planner, 270+ pages, delivered as both docx and pdf, can easily be changed into calendar for different years + 1 mock up book cover (PLR) + 151 keywords on Pinterest for coloring + 236 keywords for templates on Pinterest + 236 keywords on Pinterest for journaling + 302 keywords on Pinterest for planner (PLR) + calendar undated (PLR) + My heartfelt journal – 8 different covers -109 pages (PLR) + PLR – 4000 quotes  + MRR – valentines card – 10 cards + MRR – 6wordsA4  – 6 pages + MRR – Find the words – 2 different ones + PLR – This daily planner + PLR – Templates and blogposts + MRR – 16 natural remedies + MRR – 51 ways to organize your home + PLR – Social sharing templates + 30 different journals + 30 different affirmation cards, 1 themed for each journal + 30 different 3D cover mockups + 30 different flat covers + 100 different planners, in US Letter size, 365 pages, undated + 100 different 3D cover mockups (one for each planner) + 100 different flat png covers + 100 matching notebooks + 41 tips on social media  + Full blown course : Healing from the Inside out + Full blown course: Advanced affirmations and attractions + Full Blown course: Supercharged Productivity + Full course: How to host a bundle yourself


***MRR/PLR: Private Label Rights: Brand and sell this as your own. Give them away, sell them, package them, rewrite them. Do what you want.