First of all – thank you for signing up!

I’m just wondering if I can tease you with a little bit of an opportunity here? A way for you to make your $$ stretch out, and get more value for the $$ you spend?

Interested? It’s applicable whether or not you have an online business…


Want to make a profit online…

…but don’t have time to create new products?

…but lacking design skills?

…but don’t have money to keep buying individual commercial rights products at $47 each?

Can you see the benefits of done-for-you products?

Always having new products to sell in your shop.

Always have the opportunity to put your name on them and claim ownership(not copyright).

Always have the option to keep all profits.

Always have the option to bundle up the products yourself and sell them without any resell rights..

This is what they said:

It will be too expensive.

It will be too time consuming.

It will be too overwhelming.

We said:

You’ll get access to our 15 latest products with either commercial or private label rights licenses.

You’ll get access to at least 4 new releases each month, retiring the oldest (so there’ll always be 15 products in total).

You’ll get access to download the products 24/7 as long as you’re a paying member.

This is our solution to your problem

commercial use content membership

At all times:

Access to our 15 latest commercial use products.

Access to at least 4 new products each month (pushing the 4 oldest out of the membership).

Inside the membership, there will be a unique discount code (changing from time to time), giving you 70% off all our courses/trainings and personal use products(not any memberships).

Access 24/7 all year – as long as you stay a paying member.

Keep all the profit from any of the 15 products you sell.


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access?

You’ll receive an automated email from Thrivecart with information on how to log in to the members area.

How long do I have access?

This is a monthly membership, so as long as you don’t cancel your membership, you’ll have access to 15 products.

Can I get a refund?

No. This is a monthly membership. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can always cancel your membership by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner, click subscription, and click cancel. Remember you’ll loose access to all products in the membership area if you cancel.

What can I do with these products?

You can sell them as is, and keep all the profit. You can add your name/brand to them and claim ownership (not copyright).


Do products disappear?

Yes. Every month there’ll be at least 4 new products added, so they will push the oldest of the current 15 products off the list. But if you download everything before new products are released, you’ll have access on the device you stored the files on.

The value?

You of course have the fact that buying each of these products would take about $700 from your account.

Currently there’s products ranging from $7 to $127 inside the membership.

And yes, whether you click the button or not:

Your purchase(s) are on the way to your inbox as you read this. If you haven’t received any email from me or Thrivecart within 15 minutes, please have a look in your spam filter, just to make sure it didn’t get lost in there.

If you can’t find any info in there either, please send us an email at admin@theripplingwings.com and we’ll look into it immediately (we’re in CET timezone).

Stay safe!