stack up your shop

Have you ever

gotten stuck in the rabbit hole trying to create a huge load of products, just to find yourself not being able to create anything.

It’s overwhelming.

At the same time, you know the algorithms from Etsy and other platforms, boost those with a lot of products, not necessarily those with a lot of sales.

So how can you beat those statistics when you’re running out of ideas?


you could set aside hours each day trying to come up with ideas on your own.

You could outsource all content and product creation to others, and just do the selling part yourself.

But hey, if you’re a creative soul, that won’t ignite you in the end, and you’ll stop doing anything altogether.


what if I told you that there’s a course that teaches you how to create 100+ different, digital products in 14 days?

Would you be interested?

Through daily videos you’ll be hold by hand, step by step, in creating unique single paged printables, bundled printables like planners and binders, notebooks and journals, posters and wall art, postcards and so on and so forth.

You’ll be shown where to find unique elements, how to use the free version of Canva to create all of the products, and how to easily change images and cliparts, to make totally new, unique products, for different niches.

This course

is for you if you’re determined to make your online business bloom with loads of new products.

This course

is NOT for you if you’re one of those looking for done-for-you content (Private Label Licensed content), that many buy and no-one uses in the end, as there’s too many options for the same product out there.

Etsy is the biggest platform for selling digital products out there

both in times of # of products and # of sellers.

If you stack up your shop with 20 new items in batches, Etsy will boost your shop a little bit, as you would seem like someone ready to do serious business.

If you on the other hand stack your shop with batches of 100 new items, Etsy algorithm will think you’re a business of importance and boost your shop even more.

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Skjermbilde 2021 09 22 kl. 16.01.13

The images above

shows 2 different Etsy shops, with a lot of sales, but just 2-500 products in their shops.

If you take a closer look at their products, they’re much the same, just changed slightly to satisfy different kinds of buyers.

Stack Up Your Shop™

will help you do the same.