Fresh from the creation desk

– 14 pages report on how to set your new – or excisting – business up for success – with full PLR license

You can brand this report as your own and resell it, without paying me any license fee.

Here’s what will be covered in this instant downloadable report:

  • Do you need a website, and if so, how much money should you spend on it
  • Do you need both wordpress and a platform to run courses
  • Should you be an affiliate
  • Should you create your own affiliate program, and if so – how
  • How can you scale your business fast
  • What social media platform should you use, and how to learn how it works
  • Which email provider should you choose, and what do you need it to do in terms of marketing
  • Where should you spend your advertising budget – if you have any
  • What business niches are hot in 2021
  • What is a Client Avatar, and do you really need it
  • How should you choose your niche
  • When can you launch your new product
  • +++


Why you should trust me

Why you should trust me


I started my first online business back in 2009, it was a webshop selling fabrics and notions to private customers. And I designed my own fabrics. Due to health issues I had to let that business go after a few years, but I continued to work online, creating courses and ebooks on how to help moms who had children with special needs, find time in their daily lives to re-ignite themselves. For the last few years, I’ve leaned more towards PLR and other low content creations, both to sell to private and businesses. 

What you can’t do with this report

* Don’t put my name or any name related to my company on it

* Don’t forward any resell rights or other rights to you customers


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