SEO the easy way

Ready to learn about SEO?

I’ve been in business – online- since 2009, but never really focused on the SEO part. When I lately discovered that businesses newer than mine, ranked higher than me, on the keywords I use, I decided it was time for me to go all in on SEO or go home.

And on top of that came all the lawsuits against even the smallest businesses due to ADA and WCAG compliance. Which both have very much to do with SEO actually.

That said – a SEO plugin won’t make you compliant with ADA and WCAG. And a SEO plugin won’t help you unless you know why they tell you to do certain things. There’s a path to your goal, just like a map.

So I started to learn, by searching a lot of free resources out there, the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO. Keywords and Backlinks. The funny thing is, I’ve always read “ONE” page SEO, not “ON”. That’s how basic or lack of even basic, my SEO skills were. Or perhaps it somehow got lost in translation since English is not my language. I don’t know.

But by slowly tweaking and searching for more info, understanding bits by bits, I turned my page from about 65/100 to 99/100 points in just about a week. No warnings, just a failed test.

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The 1 point missing, is actually done and checked out, but there’re lags in the Google workers(bots), so it won’t update correctly. But I can live with 99 out of 100.

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And different plugins might show slightly different results.

But as long as I’m above the said competitor, I’m thrilled. Because even though I know SEO takes time to get effective on my site, it will rank higher than the competitor once Google and other search engines pick up my keywords, and I continue to put out SEO friendly content.

This is said competitors performance on the same plugin:

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4 critical issues for them.

So what I did? I wrote a short ebook about the things I did, or actually 2. One for front end SEO and one for backend SEO. I’ve also created an audioversion of them and I’m currently working on a couple of videos to go along.

But in full disclosure – I’m not a SEO expert by far, but the things I’ve implemented have set me up for as high ranking as possible, now it’s just up to me to continue the work I’ve laid a foundation for.

I can’t promise you high rankings, but I can promise you that if you follow each of the steps I did, your SEO score will improve, and you will eventually rank higher than your competitors on your keywords, as long as you are more search engine optimized than them. Even if you’re just starting out.