Stress relief after social distancing – PLR

Getting back into the saddle where you’re working with others, commuting, meeting people again – after 18+ months of social distancing – is stress in the making for sure.

stress relief
Stress relief

But there’s ways to easily discover if you’re suffering from stress, if you’re on the edge of becoming stressed, and with this package you can help your clients discover these markers themselves.

There’s also a 14 day challenge included in this package, where your clients can reflect on a task/question/prompt each day for 14 days, to become more aware of patterns that’s not sustainable if they want to live stress free. 

This done-for-you package includes:

  • 1 Checklist to determine if you suffer from stress
  • One 14 day stress relief challenge
  • 9 tips for managing overwhelm
  • 1 blog post titled “​​Now is the time to implement these 5 quick stress busters” (434 words)
  • 10 different stress-relief affirmations(can be used as posters or print as cards)
  • All delivered with a watercolor background in light purple.
  • 9 added watercolor papers, so that you can easily change the backgrounds, or leave them all white if you’d prefer.
  • Text in purple, lavender and charcoal grey.
  • All delivered in 1 editable file in Canva. Edit color, font, size, text. Resize. Print as png, jpg, pdf, svg.
  • Commercial Use Rights