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mombiz credit

Ever experienced any of this?

Have you ever visited a shop, seeing an item you REALLY needed, but didn’t have the money for at the time?

What did you do? Did you put it on your credit card with a high interest rate, and paid it off over several months?

It might not have been the visest decision you made, but I get it.  When the offer presents itself, it’s hard to let it go, when it’s something your really want.

The same goes for offers on internet. Offers on products you’d really like to have in your own store, or products that would really ease the burden it sometimes is, running a business from home.

There might be a bundle you’d really like to buy, but you don’t have the money right now. Or there might be a really expensive training that even the added discount can’t justify you buying it right now.

The old approach to this (in the online world):

Coupon codes with a value.

The problem with gift cards is that they don’t always apply to discounted items. They don’t always work on every section of the store. They often only work for one purchase, so if you don’t spend the whole amount, you lose the rest as there’s no way to track the records.

The NEW approach:

MomBiz Credit

You buy MomBiz Credit at a discounted price, and then whenever you see a product (in any of my shops), you send me an email, saying you want to spend some (or all) of your credit on that product. And in return you get a personal discount code, that will be deducted from your credit.

A real world example:

On 1st May you bought a MomBiz Credit worth $100. You only paid $70 for the credit as it was sold at a discounted price.

On 15th May, I’m having a birthday sale in my stores, and there’s 4 products you want:

A digital planner, normally selling for $15, now it’s $5.

A course on self-care, normally selling for $127, now it’s $47.

A Journal with Commercial resell rights, normally selling for $27, now it’s $10

A bundle with different products, normally selling for $100, now it’s $20

These 4 products would normally cost $82 to purchase on sale, so by only paying $70 for the credit, you’ve saved an extra $12.

These are all located on different servers, and since it’s not a bank issued credit card, the only way to use your credit is by sending me an email at, telling me what products you want.

I’ll then send you a discount code for all 4 products, and will also confirm that your credit now have been reduced to $18.

If you don’t spend those $18 before 1st November, you will lose them.

So on 15th October you find a product costing $20, that you want. You send me a new email, I’ll provide you with a discount code for the $18, and you’ll only pay $2.


So what just happened here?

Well, you paid $70 up front, for MomBiz Credit, and over a period of 6 months you got access to products worth $102. In total you paid $72, and saved $30.

As you can see – by using MomBiz Credit, you save $30 right from the get go. Then your savings just add up if you buy products when on sale. You can buy as many MomBiz Credits as you’d like, just remember to use them before the credits expires.

mombiz credit

Are there any restrictions?

Unfortunately there are 3 restrictions:

1. You can not use the credit towards any membership payments

2. You need to use the credit within 6 months after purchase date.

3. Credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and doesn’t roll over or similar.


Are you ready to buy? 

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