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you are a VIP

Let’s treat you like one as well!

How about we create your new website in a day?

Or more like I create it for you, while you can be out with friends, play with your kids, or go shopping. Or you take some well deserved rest, and just binge watch Netflix.

I know you’ll be able to create a website yourself, but if you’re not “techy”, then it will take time, it will lead to frustration, maybe overwhelm and ultimately either burnout – or you quit your dream all together.

And we can’t have that, can we?

Are you ready?

What Can Be Done In A Day?


In 1 day I’ll have your website up and running with the following pages: Home, About, Contact.

It will be branded with colors of your choice and built for your niche, it will have your contact information, a new domain through Hostinger – with 1 year free hosting,  and lifetime free updates of the premium Divi Theme.

You’ll get a personal video with a watch over my shoulder approach, so that you’ll learn how to easily edit and add new pages and posts to your website.

And of course, you’ll get a 30 day email support after the website is live.



In 1 day I’ll have your landing page set up with an automated 5-email-funnel in ConvertKit.

It will be branded with colors of your choice, your product image and text, and built for your unique product or service.

You’ll get a personal video with a watch over my shoulder approach, so that you’ll learn how to easily edit and create new landing pages and funnels yourself going forward.

And of course, you’ll get a 30 day email support after the landing page is live.



In 1 day I’ll install the Premium Divi Theme with lifetime updates, and bring your webpage from 2000 to 2024.

It will be branded with colors of your choice and built for your niche.

I will rebrand the following pages: Home, About, Contact.

The text and images will be the same as before, but it will get a whole new feel to it, with the rebranding of your site.

You’ll get a personal video with a watch over my shoulder approach, so that you’ll learn how to easily edit and brand the rest of your web pages.

And of course, you’ll get a 30 day email support after the website is live.

My way is not the highway

Headshot Cecilie

I help people go from newbies to successful entrepreneurs, despite health issues, all while avoiding overwhelm and burnout

Sometimes I might use templates to build your new website, and yes, I strive for a quick turnaround because I’m dedicated to delivering what you’ve paid for. However, my top priority is ensuring that your unique vibe, personality, and brand—essentially, YOU—shine through the screen to connect with your readers and potential customers.

How do I achieve this?  Well, the magic happens during our onboarding process, where you share in your own words how you run your business. From there, you can relax and let me pamper you like the VIP that you truly are!

A VIP day with me, is a day where YOU get all my attention. I don’t answer emails, I don’t answer calls, I don’t scroll Facebook.

The only thing I do, is focus on your website or landing page.

In order to serve you well, it’s important that you’ve completed the preparations, and that you’re available on Voxer or email through the day, so that you can answer any of my questions fast.

website image

You and I can be a fit if

–> You want to promote your business, your products and your services online

–> You’re ready to ditch the time consuming DIY approach to websites

–> You have trouble getting your true self shine through your website

–> You understand that in order for me to be able to get YOU shine through the website, you need to complete the onboarding form in time

The 3 Step Process To Get Your New VIP Worthy Website

Step 1: Who Are You

Through a list of questions, that you’ll answer with your own tone and words, I get to know who you are, who you serve and how you do it.

I get to know you values, your strengths, your branding and your expertise.

You get access to this form immediately after you book your VIP Worthy Website, Landing Page or Upgrade package. You have to submit the finished form 1 week before your booked day, so please book at least 2 weeks ahead, to give you a few days to fill out the form. And also remember that you need to be available for the hours I work on your VIP experience, in case I have some burning questions, and also for you to be able to receive a preview and give feedback.


Step 2: I Create Your Website

When you’ve showed me your expertise, I’ll show you mine.

Depending on what VIP experience you’ve ordered I’ll complete the items included. And of course – I’ll keep you updated on the process, and will probably ask a few more questions to make everything come together so it speaks YOU.

So again, it’s essential that you’re not busy with a lot of other stuff this VIP day – after all – it’s a VIP day, you’re allowed to relax.


Step 3: You Go Live!

When the day is up, you get to go live with your new website!

But that doesn’t mean you’re left hanging.

You’ll get a video from me, showing you how you can change everything I’ve built for you. And you’ll get access to me through email for 30 days straight in case you have any questions or concerns.


Your Options

“I’d rather have an expert like you create my website”


You’re not the problem

You already have fantastic products that helps your customers get results.

But you’re missing a website that will show that to your customers.


Let me create that VIP Worthy Website for you!

Let’s Answer Your Questions Below

What extra costs will there be?

If you want to buy licenses to images, that cost will be an addition to the cost above.

And if there’s special plugins you want me to add, that requires licenses, those will be an addition to the cost above.

If your list size grows beyond 300 emails, you’ll need to upgrade the ConvertKit account, that will be an addition to the cost above (only for the Funnel Package).

In one year, you’ll also have to pay Bluehost a renewal fee, that cost will be in addition to the cost above (not for the Funnel Package).


What platform will you use?

I’m using (For the Funnel Package I use ConvertKit)

What Theme will you use?

I will be installing the Premium Divi Theme for free (not for the Funnel Package)

Who owns the content on my site?

When the full payment is completed, you own everything on the site.

Before the payment is complete, you own the content, but I own the hosting, domain and theme accounts.

How fast will my site be ready?

If you’ve completed the form on the thank you page at least 7 days prior to the VIP day, and you make sure you’re available to answer either Voxer texts or emails during the scheduled 8 hours – your website will be up and running by the end of that day.


Where will my website be hosted?

Your website will be hosted with Hostinger (free 1st year). (ConvertKit for the Funnel Package).


Do you offer payment plans?

You pay in 2 installments. I can divide it into several installments, but please note that you won’t get access to any accounts or backend of the pages until the payments are completed.

Also note that the 30 day support runs from the day we have the VIP day, and I complete your site, whether or not you’ve completed all installments.

Please reach out to if you want to have the more installments.


How do I know you will deliver after I pay?

We both agree to a legal contract, where I sell you a service, as stated above, through this whole site, and in the cart section. 

As long as you pay me for that service, I’m legally bounded to deliver according to those statements. If I do not deliver the items listed in the contract, you can claim a refund.

Is there a refund?

No. This is a custom delivery, created for YOU, with your branding, and as of that, there’s no refund.

To make sure you really want to work with me, and upgrade your online presence, there’s a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid. If you want to cancel our contract before our VIP day, you don’t have to pay the remaining 50%, but you will also not get your deposit refunded.

The only time there would be a refund, would be if I don’t deliver the items stated on the sales page or in the cart.


Will there be any support after the website is ready?

Yes, you’ll get an over the shoulder video to see how you can change pages, colors and much more later on.

You’ll also get 30 email support, running from our VIP day, when your site will be finished.

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