Customer & Potential Client Template Hub™

The CPC Template Hub™ is a vault of Done-For-You templates you can use in your business, to impress both existing and potential clients and customers. Use words and images to build and grow your business.

cpc templates hub


-> Opening up your computer, reading your emails and through copy/paste and a few tweaking, you have a ready written answer on any questions. Even the tough ones. Aligned with your values, your business and your brand.

-> Creating a product, and by opening the CPC Template Hub™, you have access to sales page template, email funnel scripts, sign up page, thank you page, webinar slides and more. Add your logo, description and branding, and it’s all ready to go.

-> Having social media content done for you, ready to upload to your preferred platform – in the CPC Template Hub™ you have these ready made for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook


What’s included in the Hub?

social media templates
email copy template
webinar templates
content starters
free web traffic
business copy templates

Let’s get specific

Included in this hub are the following:


  • Client getting emails
  • Emails on how to handle payment issues
  • Emails to land the sale
  • Tough talk emails
  • Huge kit to use whenever you onboard a new client – like customer agreement, what they can expect, cancellation, payments e.a
  • Webinar slide templates
  • 100 Images with quotes – they come in Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook sizes
  • 100 Quotes – they come in Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook sizes
  • More than 250 content startes on different topics – tweak them to fit your brand and build on them to get a full blog post or email
  • More than 335 emails on a total of 13 different topics – they can easily be edited to fit YOUR brand and your list
  • More than 100 Free website traffic ideas – how to grow your business by actually getting people to visit your site.
  • Learn SEO from the very beginning – it’s essential to grow your business
  • Set up a full sale funnel – including swipes, templates for pages, how to collect testimonials and more
  • Learn how to leverage Social Media, through more than 40 tips
  • Get access to 366 different Social Media prompts – one for each day of the year (including leap year)
  • A full Social Media Planner

$4.9 Trillion

Expected Retail Ecommerce Sales In 2021

Why not make sure your copy and social media presence are up to date, so you don’t leave money on the table due to lack of copy?