Create Unique Digital Planners – even without tech skills – sell them and keep all the profit!

Digital planners are a huge hit on the internet. Have a quick search on a place like Etsy, or just do a plain Google search, and you’ll see for yourself.

Are you lacking confidence and tech skills, and are afraid of taking on yet another project that will become half-finished? All while your bank account shows less and less money?

And you’ve already heard about the Private Label Rights license industry, where you can buy the same PLR license as everyone else, selling the same finished product as everyone else, loosing your uniqueness on the way?


Well, now those days are gone.


Because today, here on this page, the solution to your problems are about to reveal itself.


Just a couple of more scrolls down this page, and you’ll see it for yourself.

Introducing a done-for-you Master Digital Planner file

With this master file, and the added digital papers, cliparts and borders, you can create unique digital planners to sell as your own.

The papers, cliparts and borders are compressed to make the loading process in annotation apps smoother.

Learn how to change fonts and colors, and text, to make the planners unique to you and your brand.

The master file is already hyperlinked to the different pages, so no need to worry about the tech part.

Through videos you’ll learn how to edit the master file, and for each time you do it, you become more and more confident, and the process runs smother and faster for each time.


What you’ll get access to:

  • Master file for Affinity
  • 6 digital papers with summercolor theme for front and dividers
  • 8 digital papers with valentine theme for front and dividers
  • 32 matching borders for the valentine theme
  • 24 matching borders for the summertime theme
  • 100 matching cliparts for the summertime theme
  • 20 matching cliparts for valentine theme
  • Videos showing you how to change covers/dividers/fonts/colors/clipart/borders
  • Video showing you how to download the finished planner


Full resell rights of all you create

Create 100’s of different digital planners and upload to your favorite selling platform(like Etsy)

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