cleaning binder

We all love to have a tidy home, where things are in designated spaces, you don’t trip over dirty clothes or lego or dolls everywhere you set your foot. We have this dream of always finding the right spare part for our IKEA furniture in the garage, but when we get there, the part is so small and the space is so untidy. We’re lucky if we even find our car in the mess.

What we don’t like though, is the cleaning part – or at least most of us don’t. Cleaning is one of the household tasks that gets most outsourced, but there’s a way to save some money on a housekeeper, and still don’t spend hours weekly on cleaning. And have it tidy and clean at home anyway.

By using this binder, you’ll get sheets for each room in the house, where you can fill out what you cleaned when, and then get it all on a rotation plan. No need to always dust the attic, but it’s nice to know it was done at least once last year. There’s also spring clean lists, wash symbols and a handy little resource on next to natural cleaning remedy. 

76 pages in total. Print only those pages you need and print as many times as you’d like. Personal use only.