What would it feel like…

…if you could have access to a vault of business building courses, planners and other resources – all aimed to help you build that dream of yours?

All created by experience after building and running businesses online for nearly 13 years.

All gathered together on one platform with one login, and available 24/7 – all year round.

I guess it would be perfect!

Always having a place to look for information when you’re stuck.

Always have a vault of ready made products you can sell as your own.

Always find new ways to create products that will sell off your shelves.

Always have a swipe copy template ready for your emails, webinars, webpages and so on.

This is what they said:

It will be too expensive.

It will be too time consuming.

It will be too overwhelming.

We said:

You’ll get access to content worth more than $4000 for a low, monthly fee.

You can take each course and fill out each planner at your own pace, you’ve got access 24/7.

The courses covers just a few topics at a time, to not overwhelm you.

This is our solution to your struggles

creating a business memberhip
  • Access to all courses and planners we’ve created for building a business.
  • Access to 100+ done-for-you products you can put your name on and sell as your own.
  • Access to courses and planners created for you to thrive and grow as a person.
  • Access to about 700 different templates for emails, sales copy, sales pages, webinar slides, thank you pages and more.
  • Access to step by step instructions on how to plan, create and launch your next product.
  • Access to how to take care of yourself the best way possible, in order to build the business and life you dream of.
  • +++

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Ease and Flow ($47)
The Ritual Diary for The Fiercely Original ($17)
SEO the easy way ($47)
Plan, Create and Launch ($397)
How to create low content products fast ($19)
Passive income planning crash course ($27)
CPC Template Hub™ ($127)
Email Swipe Copy ($37)
Wordpress for moms ($37)
Map out Your ultimate Money Making Income Plan in a Weekend ($27)
How to set up your money making sales pag planner ($27)
Fun Business Budgeting Planner ($27)
The Self Love Reflections for The Fiercely Original ($17)
The process of journaling ($47)
Create Unique Planners in Affinity ($97)
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners ($27)
Start Working From Home ($9)
Personal finance and budgeting ($27)
Self Care = Wealth Care ($297)
Dream bigger than the rest + journal ($18.99)
30 day happiness challenge ($9.99)
The Ultimate Self Care Planner ($27)
How to launch with ease and chill ($127)
Bloom With Passive Income ($47)
How to Create & Launch Your Community Growing Challenge ($27)
Pinpoint and resolve any money issues to skyrocket your monthly income ($27)
The Abundance Journal for The Fiercely Original ($17)
The Ultimate Self Care Planner ($27)
Stack Up Your Shop ($247)
Bloom With Printables ($67)

That’s just 30 of the courses and planners – there’s at least 17 more….

The value?

 You of course have the fact that buying each of these courses, planners and resources would take nearly $4000 from your account.

But the fact that you’ll actually have access to nearly 50 resources (and counting) showing you – niche independent – how to build and grow a business online, is the main reason why you should join the Creating A Business (C.A.B) Membership.

If you were to hire a business coach, that person would be happy to charge you $250/hour – just talking with you. You’d still have to create products you could sell to your customers. If you need 10 hours, you’re out $2500.

If you were to hire a copywriter they’ll charge you $20+/hour or $500 for half a sales page, in C.A.B you’ll get access to more than 700 swipe copy templates. If they can write you 6 emails an hour, that’s a value of at least $2300.

Buying a product with commercial rights license could easily set you back $27+ a product. In this membership you’ll get access to more than 100 different products you can put your name on. That’s a value of $2700 in itself.

If you should hire a life coach, that person would be happy to charge you $100/hour – and you’d have to do all the talking. The life coaches are more listeners than creators. If you need 10 hours here as well, you’re out $1000.

So, we’re talking a $$ value of at least $12500.

You can always easily cancel your membership before it automatically renews, right inside your dashboard. You understand that by signing up for a membership you’ll be added to our newsletter, and also given the fact that you get access to all content immediately, there’s no refund.

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