Building a Biz Bundle 2022

(22.August – 28.August)

In 2020 the first Building a Biz Bundle was born. In the middle of the pandemic, but it proved to fill a gap.

This year we’re doing things differently.

We start adding contributors NOW – and you’re automatically invited to contribute.

If you can have your offer ready by 1st July, then welcome!

Just click the button below, enter your email, and you’ll be taken to the form you need to fill out with all your details.

The reason I need your email up front, is because I need to tag you in my email system, so that you’ll get notified with important updates about the bundle.

And also because I’m paying people real money if they use their own links to recruit other contributors.

Anything business related goes. If you have planners, ebooks, courses, cheat sheets – in any way, shape or form, that will ease the process of building a business, mentally or physically, you’re in – if you want!

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