Exclusive Bonus For Buyers Of “Color My Bundle” If You Buy Through My Link

This bonus is only available if you buy “Color My Bundle” through my unique affiliate link. And it’s only available through the promo period of “Color My Bundle” (ends 28th February 2022). 

We all know content creation takes time, and if you haven’t already looked into private label and done-for-you products, you should definitely consider doing it.

It saves you time (time you can rather spend on actually selling), it saves you frustration (since it’s just like plug-and-play) and it saves you money (it’s cheaper to buy done-for-you bundles than buying them all separately). The best part with these licenses is that you get to keep all the profit. It’s a one-time-payment and then you can use it forever.

And instead of boring you with a long sales page, I’m going to start listing right away what’s included in my bonus:

  • You’ll get access to our 15 latest products with either commercial or private label rights licenses
  • Currently the bundle is worth $700+, where the products inside range from $7 to $127 if you were to buy them individually
  • You’ll get access to at least 4 new releases each month, retiring the oldest (so there’ll always be 15 products in total)
  • You’ll get access to download the products 24/7 as long as you’re a paying member
  • Inside the membership, there will be a unique discount code (changing from time to time), giving you 70% off all our courses/trainings and personal use products(not any memberships)
  • Keep all the profit from any of the 15 products you sell

What can you do with this bundle?

Here are just a few suggestions, there’s a much wider range of use for them of course:

  • Use them as gifts for your clients
  • Sell them on Etsy or other platforms
  • Bundle them and sell them
  • Split them and add them to other resources you have
  • Create other products combining them with some of the coloring items from “Color My Bundle” and sell them
  • Use them as bonuses for your affiliate links
  • Use them as an optin freebee
commercial use content membership

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to the sales page of “Color My Bundle”.

A PDF On How To Access Your Bonus Will Be Available In Your Dashboard ONLY If You Click The Button Below And Purchase Straight Away Using My Unique Affiliate Link.

What can’t you do with the products inside the membership?

You probably thinking “What can’t I do with the products in your membership”?

There’s 3 things you cannot do:

1. Identify our company in any way as the creator (you’re buying a license to put your name on the product as the creator)

2. Claim copyright (several businesses have access to this membership, it would be strange if all of you claimed copyright for these products)

3. Resell any resell rights. This means that those who buy the products from you, only have a personal use right. If they want to have resell rights, they can sign up as members themselves(if you sign up as an affiliate, you can make money from referring them).


Please also note that this is a bonus for a purchase from another vendor. So no financial transaction has taken place between our company and you. As of that, there’s no refund. Any refund requests should be addressed to the vendor of the product you’ve actually paid for.

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