bloom with printables

Want to turn your blog into a vault of passive income streams?


Did you know? There’s two pitfalls when you blog – lack of time and lack of money.

Yes, blogging takes time when you do it consistently. And you need to do it consistently in order to be picked up by the search engines.

And yes, even if you are building your blog for later on success, how would it feel if you would know – BEFORE YOU CREATED YOUR PRODUCT – that it would actually make you money?

And how would it feel if you could use this determination process for anything you ever want to create in the future, not just printables, but courses, books, coaching and much more?


  • Waking up to several notifications that you’ve made money during your sleep?
  • Knowing you’ve created a product that’s in demand?
  • Hosting a webinar or zoom meeting, telling the prospects about your new printable, make sales on the call, and then create it after?
  • Freeing up time that you would normally spend on creating stuff people won’t buy, and now only create what your customers want?
  • Never running out of options when creating freebees to help grow your list?
  • Always have a product available to contibute in bundles or to charities raising money?
  • Be able to sell endless numbers of each product, online, with little marketing?


You could create printables, ebooks, stickes and mockups like these within minutes? Would that help you in growing your audience, and make you more revenue? How much of a difference would that make for you and/or your family?And how much of a difference would it make for you if you knew before you created these printables, that people were ACTUALLY going to buy them – because you’d already closed the deal?

Bloom With Printables
bloom with printables


You can create nursery decor, stickers, ebooks, mockups, invitations, greeting cards, coloring books, cheat-sheets, 1 page courses, manuals, workbooks, headers, leaflets, envelopes, backgrounds, logos, wedding cards, menus, baby shower printables, digital planner accessories – the list goes on and on, like forever. 

That said – not everyone has a list of buyers that want baby shower printables – they might want car part printables instead. That’s why it’s utter most important to know what your list and your customers and your niche wants – before you spend your most valuable asset – TIME – creating a printable.



bloom with printables

The only course you need if you want to learn from scratch how to create beautiful printables, that can easily be adjusted to fit any niche, brand or be reused as another template – all of this AFTER you’ve sold them.


A crash course in how to sell your printables BEFORE you’ve even created them.


Step by step video to show you exactly how to create the happy birthday sticker from above.


Where to find design elements you can use with full commercial rights, and create new, beautiful printables with just a few clicks.


I’ll show you where you can sell your printables – and Etsy is not one of them.


I’ll give you a resource list with more than 100 ideas of what printables to create.


You’ll get 15 ready made mock-ups for Pinterest, that you can turn into other social media mock-ups with just a click.


You’ll get an additional 15 ready made printables that you can sell with commercial rights.


You’ll get an additional 5 ready made low content books, that you can customize in any way you want and sell with commercial rights.


Ready to create in demand printables that you know your customers want?

Ready to make passive income from products you create once and sell over and over again?

Ready to learn where to get design elements you are allowed to use in your printables?

Ready to grow your email list with YOUR buyers, not grow someone elses?

Ready to make money with ease and flow, not by hustling and with FOMO?

Ready to spend more time with family and friends, now that the world is – FINALLY – getting into something we might call “post covid”?

If so, please click the button below!

Please note: This course is taught by use of Canva Pro, which has a 30 day free trial. You can also do much of the same stuff with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or Affinity.