The 3CC Implementation System Is The Most Efficient Way To Go From Newbie To Successful Entrepreneur And Avoid Overwhelm And Burnout

Use this science-backed system to overcome any struggles you might face, so you can build your business without costly and time-consuming mistakes

The Business Creation Hub introduces a science backed system that will give you a boost to start and grow your online business

Your access to the Business Creation Hub is $27/month. You can cancel your membership any time.

Here’s Everything Included In The Business Creation Hub

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Business Creation Hub


Instant access to courses, resell rights licensed products, templates, emails, planners and more – all created to help you create or grow your online business.

There’s an Inaugural Vault, an Advisory Board, Members only discounts, a FB group where you can post your progress, awards for completion, and new content added throughout each month.

->> The Unique 3CC Implementation System


Individually designed so that you can go from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur faster.

->> Become an affiliate and get the membership for FREE*


*As an affiliate you’ll make 30% recurring commission. If you refer 4 people to become a member, the commission will cover your membership fee + some. Your affiliate link will be working for as long as you stay a member.

->> Monthly giveaways


Starting mid May, there’ll be Monthly drawings of gift cards, books, and other stuff – only for the members of Business Creation Hub.

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Hi there, my name is Cecilie.


I’m using my unique, science backed, 3CC implementation system to help people go from newbies to successful entrepreneurs, despite any health issues, all while avoiding overwhelm and burnout.

I’m a mom to 3 children with diagnosis, I’m suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD, and I’ve used these health issues as a springboard to success, instead of letting them push me down.

I’ve been self-employed, running different online businesses since 2009, and all of my learnings have created a path, where I now make a sustainable living from the comfort of my home.

The unique 3CC implementation system is a result of these learnings, making the path from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur, become simple actionable steps, insead of an overload of overwhelm and burnout mentally and physically as a result.

Joining the Business Creation Hub is your chance to avoid big pitfalls when reaching for your dream, by letting me show you the fastest and easiest path to get there.

When you join Business Creation Hub you’ll get access to a  customized path to create and grow your online business

Get access to 100’s of products with resell rights, courses on how to create and build a business online

– and get the chance to get your membership for free by being an affiliate*.

Your access to the Business Creation Hub is $27/month. You can cancel your membership any time.

*Your affiliate link will be working for as long as you stay a member

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