30 Journals bundle – Commercial license

Journaling or taking notes is the way to get your thoughts out of your head and create space for creativity.

Here’s what you’ll get in this Commercial licensed journal bundle:

  • 30 different journals, in A4 size, delivered as pdf’s (ready to upload to Etsy or similar platforms)
  • 30 different affirmation cards, 1 themed for each journal
  • 30 different 3D mockups (one for each journal)
  • 30 different flat covers (one for each journal)
  • Full PLR – resell or alter any of the pages or files, put your name on them and keep all the profits yourself. The only thing you cannot do, is sell the rights to resell in any way or format.

How to edit the journals (if you want):

  • Open the journals in Adobe and copy/paste several more of each pages if you’d like, to create larger journals.
  • Mix and match the journal pages across all journals.

Full Commercial license – Private Label Rights – $67

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Full Commercial license – Private Label Rights – $67