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50 adult coloring pages

Activity books and Coloring books has been a huge hit in 2022, because people need to relax their minds, when apparently the whole world seems to fall apart. The ever increasing prices on food, electricity and power. The ever increasing heat, fires and environmental changes, and the threath of full war in Europe.

Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, depression, ptsd, bipolar or any other mental health issues, your mind need some rest. Or your customers minds need rest.

If you have a look at grown ups coloring books on Amazon, and their best sellers, these are books with either mandalas, or mandalas combined with swear words or affirmations at the moment (November 2022).

amazon 1
amazon 2

Don’t look at the number of reviews though, as they clearly don’t reflect number of sales, and as most people don’t review the books. If you look up the book “Anxiety Relief Coloring” book, and click on it, you’ll see that it was released in January 2022. The book “You Fucking Got This”, was released in March 2021, and has half the pages of the anxiety book. The book “Amazing Patterns” were released September 2020 and has 102 pages, but half of them are blank to prevent see through of colors when using coloring pencils.

It just goes to show that you can become a bestseller in less than a year, and you can come second with just 50 illustrated pages (Amazing Patterns).

So how can YOU enter this market?


Well, I’m introducing….


100 Editable Adult Coloring PAGES Bundle


 Here’s what you’ll get when you buy this bundle:

  • 100 adult coloring pages
  • Includes positive affirmations 
  • 2 different (each with 50 images), editable files in Canva (the free version)
  • All 100 pages have a mandala patterned background and a word/wordings on white or none background in the front
  • 2 ready made pdf’s with the coloring pages
  • 100 png files with the images
  • Full Commercial Rights License – resell or alter any of the pages or files, put your name on them and keep all the profits yourself. The only thing you cannot do, is sell the rights to resell in any way or format.
What is Commercial Rights?

Commercial Rights License give you the opportunity to resell the product to other customers. It does not give you the right to claim copyright though.

What can I do with these pages?

Anything really.

  • You can give them away for free, for example as an optin
  • You can combine them with other products with commercial rights
  • You can sell them on places like Etsy, Gumroad, Shopify or any other sites you own.
  • You can divide the pages into smaller bundles and sell
  • You can sell them as they are
  • You can edit them as you please (change the words or add elements)
What can I NOT do with these pages?
  • You can’t claim copyright
  • You can’t resell these images with resell rights, only flattened images like pdf or png
  • You can not identify The Rippling Wings AS or any person or other names related to the company as the creator
Can I get a refund?

No. The reason for this is that this is a product with extended resell rights, it’s instantly downloadable and fully editable.

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