Limited time offer:

10 different yearly planners bundle

– with commercial rights

Scheduling or taking notes is one way to get your thoughts out of your head and create space for creativity. As well as keeping track of your movements and doings.

If you’re trying to build a business, you need products, products that can be easily consumed by any niche. And if on of your products fits many niches, you’ll make more sales.

Creating these products though, take hours. Hours YOU could spend bringing paying customers to your website. After all, time and money are the bottle necks of any busines.

So what about eliminatig those once and for all?

Because now you can.

You see, we’ve created a huge bundle of full year planners. And they come with an extended commercial rights license.

First of all, let us show you what you’ll get in this bundle:

  • 10 different planners, in US Letter size, delivered as pdf’s (ready to upload to Etsy or similar platforms, no need to compress the files to meet Etsy’s standards)
  • Each planner has 365 interior pages
  • Every planner is undated
  • 10 different 3D cover mockups (one for each planner)
  • 10 different flat png covers (one for each planner)
  • Extended commercial rights – add your name to the pages, and brand them as your own. Sell them over and over again and keep all the profits.

How to edit the journals (if you want):

  • Open the journals in Adobe and copy/paste several more of each pages if you’d like, to create larger planners, or delete some of the pages if you’d like
  • Mix and match the journal pages across all journals using Adobe.
  • Add your name to the pages using Adobe
  • Sell them to end customers, meaning you are not allowed to resell any resell rights.

Example from 2 planners in the bundle:

Cover mock-ups from all 10 planners in the bundle:

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